Berming to cheat winter.

In these unsure weather times, and conditions there is a way for you to cheat mother nature and get a jump on your gardening this year.

​Cold season crops can tolerate cool air temperatures but their early development can be slowed and even stalled by cool ground temperatures. To overcome this problem you can plant your early crops in a raised bed.

05.28.2013 - GoFundMe e-Mail Update

What follows is a copy of the content sent out on May 28 2013 via Go Fund Me:
Check out our website lately? Google Earth released the newest photograph of the Wendron Moors Estate Farm from outer space! It was shot approximately April of 2013. 

04.29.2013 - A Quail of a Good Time

After twenty two long days of flipping eggs, and constantly checking the results, we finally have baby quail hatchlings. On Monday the twentieth of April at about ten o’clock in the morning the little hatchlings started to show themselves.


Our new website is now up and running a stable version of the website. 

We are very excited that in the near future we are going to be able to bring you more information capacity, with a faster response time. This revamp has been months in the making and has come at a considerable expense in time and resources but we believe that our new web presence will help us provide our customers with a better experience, and us with a better platform from which to convey our research, findings, and farmings. 

Here we grow again...

In January 2013 VertiGrow Farms will be undergoing a series of 'revamps' not only to the website but also to our business practice.  In January 2011 VertiGrow Farms started it's life as a web magazine dedicated to bringing you information on the emerging industries created in the high technology urban farming movement.